Top 5 Tips for Shedding Your Possessions

Whether you’re selling your house to move into a caravan or just genuinely looking to do a good declutter, these tips will have you covered.

We moved from our 24sqm, 3 bedroom house into a 22ft caravan.

We sold, gave away, donated EVERYTHING. We don’t even have a storage unit. Everything we own now fits in our van, save a few keepsake boxes currently living rent free in my mums shed.

So, how do you decide what stays and what gos? Heres my top tips!

  1. Ask yourself “Do I want to be looking at this item in my new space?” OR “Do I really want to be looking at this item again when I’m finished travelling/ moving/ decluttering?" If the answer isn’t an eff YES, then its a definite no.

  2. Its okay to toss/sell/donate something you spent a lot of money on, if you don’t enjoy or need it anymore. Just because you spent good money on it, isn’t a good reason to hang onto it. You can’t get that money back - so let the item go and enjoy the lightness you feel mentally and physically for not carrying the burden of it around anymore.

  3. Likewise for gifts. It’s okay to toss/ sell/ donate a gift you don’t love or need. When our loved ones gift us things, we tend to attach a lot of guilt to these items - but we needn’t do that. The gift is in the giving. So again, let the item go and enjoy the mental pressure valve release.

  4. With sentimental items ask yourself - “Are the memories good ones? “Do I even have a memory associated with this item?” “Do I enjoy hanging onto it?” And if it just sits in a box collecting dust “What’s the point?”. I hung onto boxes and boxes of childhood toys, teen diaries, school photos & reports, my grandmothers things and in the end - donated/ tossed most save a few REALLY special items. Carrying the stuff around didn’t add any value to my life. It added weight. Reading my teen diaries just made me feel anxious again. My Nans things were special because they were in HER home, I didn’t enjoy them in mine. So I 'kept one of a bunch' - one thing of my nans, one childhood teddy, one school report (but not the diaries - they were all burned at the stake) - goodbye sentimental clutter!

  5. Sort items into piles YES / NO / MAYBE. Sort the no into DONATE/ SELL / TOSS. Move items on quickly once you’ve decided 'no' so that you don’t give yourself a chance to overthink and salvage items. Revisit the maybes and ask yourself Question 1. Chances are - all maybes - are actually just 'no’s' that are running late.

Remember, they’re just things. And our things don’t define us. If you feel like your identity is tied up in your possessions, even more of a reason to let them go. Let them go and re-discover who you are authentically, at your core, without the ‘stuff’. Then only add items back in that truly represent you, your values, your personality and your lifestyle.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know in the comments below if it was.

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  1. Love this! Definitely feeling inspired to do another big clean out soon - it’s amazing how much we accumulate in such a short time!
    Emma Adderley AUTHOR  02/15/2022 11:52 PM Central
    Absolutely! Thanks Alana X

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