TOP 5 tips for keeping your kids sleep routine while travelling.

A really common question we get asked is hooowwwwww do our kids still go to bed at 7:30pm each night. 

The short of it is, we never changed a thing about their bedtime routine from home. 

The long of it is:

  1. We have dinner at 6pm-ish and encourage quiet play while prepping/ cooking. Colouring, books, imaginary play with trucks/ dolls etc. Start winding down that nervous system. Life on the road is busy and exciting, especially for little ones so the wind down needs to start early. We can't expect them to just switch off when we say so.  I really like to diffuse grounding oils while this is happening like peace and calming or frankincense to facilitate the process.

  2. After dinner, it’s bath, teeth & book. They rarely go back outside at this point. It just revs them up again too much so we chill inside. If we have time to kill we'll sing songs or do some puzzles. We don/t have the TV playing (even in the background) or any devices as the screens wake up the brain and the noise is stimulating. Plus they effect quality of sleep and we definitely don't want that!

  3. Before jumping into bed we pop their oils on. They LOVE this time. Essential oils are such a beautiful little bonding moment and powerful in connecting and associating a particular scent with sleep. It signifies to the body that sleep is coming, triggering a further slowing down and acceptance that it’s bed time for little people (and adults!)

  4. Toilet, cuddles, kisses, last drink of water, bottle - Tobias jumps up into bed and tells himself stories about the day. Sometimes he horses around but a few reminders to be quiet usually does it. Nola goes down and sweet silence follows.

  5. Enjoy mum and dad time! Im actually so passionate about kids sleep not just because their behaviour is better but because it’s critical that we parents have time to relax, chat uninterrupted (or sit in sweet silence!) and just have that time to ourselves to re-charge.
I hope these tips were helpful. Comment below if you have any questions at all.

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