Top 5 Tips for Travelling in the Car with Kids
There’s no doubt travelling in the car with kids can be a complete shit show, we won’t lie about that! 

But - there are definitely things you can do to make the journey a whole lot more enjoyable for everybody, without simply shoving the iPad at them. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s defintiely a time and place for screen time - but too much of it can trigger absolute chaos once it’s taken away again (for our kids anyway).

So here’s what we do in the hopes you find it helpful too:
  1. For kids who still day nap - time your drives for nap time. This is the time for older kids to have the iPad and for you to enjoy the sweet sound of silence. 
  2. For toddlers who don’t day nap SNACKS! + play some car games/ find stuff out the window for as long as you can - before introducing the device to get you the last stretch of the way. 
  3. Know you’re kids limits. If you can drive 2-3 hours a day and everyone is relatively in one piece - then that’s it. There’s no point pushing and making everyone miserable in the process. The journey is as much part of the experience as the destination. So plan shorter drives, longer stays if you have to and enjoy more.
  4. Get your kids a ‘busy book’. We love @wondertivity for our kids. They have various age brackets and price points depending on how many pages you get as well as different themes. They’re also great for when you head out for a meal. 
  5. An awesome car game we’ve been playing with the littles lately, helping us go the extra distance is ‘guess which animal’. Take it in turns to make an animal sound and everyone has to guess the animal. Or reverse, take it in turns to say an animal and everyone makes the noise. 
Leave a comment below and share any top travelling with kids tips you’ve found along the way!


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