It's so scary to learn that air fresheners, laundry detergents and fabric softeners are some of the most dangerous household chemicals. Not to mention all the toxic cleaners we keep under our sink and spray all over our homes. What we clean with we breathe in and absorb through our skin directly into our bloodstream in only 26 seconds. What it can't expel, it stores causing problems like toxin storage in organs and fatty tissue, altered DNA, mixed chemical signalling and bacterial imbalances in our gut leading to ill health, respiratory issues, disease and so much more.

The biggest eye opener for me was switching our laundry detergent. When I was pregnant I went to the supermarket and tried (I mean really tried) to choose good quality products for my new bubba. I switched to a gentle laundry detergent and only used water wipes because I was so scared of all the random ingredients touching my new babies skin. As a newborn, my son developed eczema like a lot of bubbas do. I took him to the doctors who prescribed a steroid cream and moisturisers loaded with parabens. I used them to treat the symptoms (not knowing better) but it didn't fix the cause. Once I switched to thieves laundry detergent and washed all sheets and clothes, the eczema went away and never came back and I've never had to use the creams again. You would think that if a product is on the supermarket shelf it would be safe to use, but sadly this is not the case. The current safety regulations (of which there a few) are not written with your health in mind.

The biggest thing I could recommend to look out for is 'fragrance' in the ingredient list of any product, this is the biggest thing we have eliminated on our low tox journey. That word alone can hide any one or more of 3000+ chemicals that companies use to engineer scent, and call it a trade secret aka 'fragrance'.  There are no pre-market regulations that stipulate mandatory testing of chemicals prior to sale in Australia. So it's not just about buying some oils. Its about learning to take back your home and your health alongside a community of like minded people who will support you and help you along the way.

All going low tox really means is getting back to a place where the foods we eat and products we use make sense to our bodies once again so that we can thrive. It makes the decision to swap easier, really - a no brainer. 
Thieves Household Cleaner
This one bottle of concentrate has replaced all other cleaners in our home. I clean absolutely everything with it, it works amazingly, smells great and one bottle of concentrate ($39.99) makes up to 28 bottles of 500ml multi-purpose sprays ($1.42 per bottle). And no nasties!

Here are some of the ways I use the Thieves Household Cleaner:
+ Multi-Purpose Cleaner: 1 capful of cleaner in a 500ml spray bottle and top with water. Spray your bench, stove, bathrooms, kids toys, everything!

+Soft Scrub: mix together some baking soda, thieves & water to desired consistency and scrub those tougher jobs like shower, toilet, grout, inside of the sink and the oven.

+ Jewellery Cleaner: soak your precious pieces in warm water and thieves, rinse and pat dry for serious sparkle.

+ Carpet & Couch Spills: use diluted to remove spills and stains. 

And sooooo much more! We use theives erryyyywhere, every day! We have lots of recipes and support available in our team exclusive Facebook groups to help you. Also check out the blog section of this website and my instagram (@EmmaK_Wellness) where I share loads of daily inspo, tips and tricks. 

Thieves Laundry Soap

This is the product that I noticed the most immediate impact to our health and wellness as a result of switching, as mentioned above. Even if you sleep naked, you're still being touched by your sheets, your body NEVER gets a break. It's so easy to forget that our body is our biggest organ, absorbing everything we put on it including residue from our laundry. Clothes, PJs, underwear, sheets, towels.... our laundry sees and touches allll the things (lucky laundry 😉). But not so lucky us if what we wash our laundry in soap that contains fragrance, peroxide and other toxins that build up in our bodies day in and day out.

Thieves laundry soap has a plant based formula, smells like christmas, can be used for all washes and leaves your laundry super soft and oh so clean without any synthetic residue.. Natural enzymes and powerful essential oils give this formula the oomph it needs to cut through tradey grime, daycare (whatever that is) and smelly gym clothes. It's 6x concentrated and will get you approx 64 loads from only 32 fluid ounces.

Main Benefits:

+ The plant-based formula is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), dyes, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume, and optical brighteners.

+ Formula uses the power of Thieves, Jade Lemon™, and Bergamot essential oils.

I also have some really great hacks and DIYs to help make laundry day a breeze and make your laundry soap last longer without compromising cleaning power!
Thieves Dish Soap

When the label literally says "if swallowed, drink plenty of water", you know you're onto a winner. 

Main Benefits:

+ Plant-based formula is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate), dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, and synthetic perfumes

+ Formula uses the power of Thieves, Jade Lemon,and Bergamot essential oils

I also have a DIY for you to make your own dishwasher tablets, so you never have to eat off 'dirty' plates again!

Again, you can dilute this ultra concentrated formula to make it last longer and for heavy degreasing have some undiluted handy. Watch those dishes SPARKLE.